Black History Simplified: Making it clear and understandable, no complexities,
so we will never forget our history, No people have suffered more than we the Black people of North
America, and never given any Restitution for that suffering,

A True Black History & Perspective:
Reversing a Culture of Ignorance

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Black History Information

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 Black History Documents

See, hear, and read more of the true black history information that is now available to you from Black History P.I.E. Our books and video and audio recordings provide you with a black history and perspective most people never knew.

Black History Books
The books that our company has to offer detail the errors made in the telling of black history. Traditional history was written to enhance and advance one race after all others.

The focus of our information is on what life will be like in America without black people. Everyone has the opportunity to read how history was written and how  black people have been oppressed and not given the opportunity to advance.

The DVDs and VHS tapes available from Black History P.I.E. tell the history as well as the failure to enlighten black people about the things that have happened to them over the generations. The videos tell the true story of what has really happened to black people.

Audio Tapes
Listen to the telling of what happened to black people over the generations. Our tapes give you the chance to hear about the struggles of black people throughout history. These audiotapes are from the scholars, historians, professionals and entertainers that have had dramatic effects on the history of blacks.

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and audiotapes contain and the black history and perspective that is show in a different light.