Black History Simplified: Making it clear and understandable, no complexities,
so we will never forget our history, No people have suffered more than we the Black people of North
America, and never given any Restitution for that suffering,

A True Black History & Perspective:
Reversing a Culture of Ignorance

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Black History & Perspective                                             

Black History & Perspective from Black People to Black People.

"None are more hopelessly Enslaved than those who Falsely believe they are Free."
White people Live Freedom in America, Black people Live The Illusion of Freedom in America. Big-Big-Big Difference that Black People do not see.

Giving you a different look, the black history and perspective, Black History P.I.E., offers books, videos, and audiotapes that tell the true story of the black people. Learn the differences in how black history was written and the truth of the actual events that took place.

Mom and Child, Black History & Perspective


Black History P.I.E.
With 20 years of experience, Black History P.I.E. is offering a truthful perspective on black history that most people don't know about. To date, there is no other black history information available to our knowledge that will advance the black people like we're able to do through our books, DVDs, and audiotapes.


The Africans Who Wrote the Bible
A must read for everyone with an interest in the Bible, black history, or in Biblical history. This book, The Africans Who Wrote the Bible, contains revelations about the Bible and history from the past 2,000 years.

You'll have a much clearer knowledge of history and a new perspective on the lives of blacks from generations going back to the times of the Old and New Testaments.

The Africans Who Wrote the Bible

Nana Banchie Darkwah

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The purpose of providing the black history information we have is to enlighten you and to give you better respect for yourself.

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contained in the book, and video and audio recordings our company has to offer.
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